de Croÿ (Princesse Mimi)







le Manoir



She ran around her prison house
Just like a sweet mouse
Then turning up her small pink nose
At the thought, of washing up
Trolling, cooking an overdose
Better the pleasure, of making up.

What’s the use, she also thought
For that lawyer, who had her caught
With his knowledge, and big money
For who she is, just his honey
Too pretty, and young in age
For sweeping, even a golden cage.

She swiftly flue, up the stairs
Puffing up, her long blond hair
Then dashed down, in a flight
Leapt through the door, in sunlight
As she skipped, down the main street
Thinking of a plan, on bouncing feet.

Trotteling around, the noisy town
A stitch in the belly, came to ache
In a pastry shop, she sat down
And stuffed with a big chocolate cake
Feeling then slightly better
She wrote a goodbye letter.

Better freedom, than a golden cage
Better freedom, than a high wage
What ever the price, for freedom
Being wealthy enough, in wisdom.

Two years later, after hanging around
She met a tall fisherman
Off his boat, he jumped to ground
Rough though, bloody handsome
He took her to, his bungalow
With begging words, soft and low.

By a log fire, they both sat
With sweet love words, in a chat
The next day, down the river quietly
They casted the rods swiftly
Fish for the market, fish for dindin
Fish stung in her hair, over her chin.
After a few months, she thought
Of a life of an other sort
She dragged in the streets, as a vamp
Then became, a miserable tramp
No job, and no more money
Not even, a small penny.

She stole and got caught
So little birdy, went to court
A big loud lawyer, defended her case
Saving her out, from disgrace
He took her back, asking no wage
Out of the policeman’s steel cage.

A golden cage, with a wide open door
In freedom without, being poor
If you think, you’re losing freedom
Cram your head, with more wisdom…